A roof coating is a liquid applied waterproofing membrane. It can usually be applied over most existing roofing, the most common are BUR (built up asphalt roofing), TPO (thermo plastic roofing) and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) which is a synthetic rubber roof.  Roof coatings are not new technology, and have been in use successfully for more than 20 years. Once installed correctly, a roof coating should never need to be removed, only restored or re-coated.

Roof coatings are growing in popularity. The IRS views this process as a “maintenance item” therefore allowing it to be 100% written off in the year it was installed, versus decades of depreciation like traditional roofing systems.  It goes with out saying why it’s so popular with property owners.

It is in my professional commercial roof coating experience, a roof coating system is the only true “Commercial Green Roof”. There is virtually no tear-off of existing roof systems, reducing land fill. Most quality roof coating systems are water based and have a low VOCs. We at Roof Pro of Memphis have documented surface temperature reductions on a white elastomeric coated roof in excess of 60F.

At Roof Pro of Memphis LLC, we stay on the forefront of roof coating technology. We proudly are factory certified installers of  Hydro Stop premium roof coatings as well as Hydro Stop Traffic Coat, Hydro Stop Barrier Guard water proofing system and Hydro Stop Clear Guard Plus masonry waterproofing system. To add to the list, we are factory certified Sherwin-Williams UNIFLEX roof coating and waterproofing contractor. The most recent addition to our tool bag is the new line of roof coating and waterproofing systems provided by United Coatings.  If you would like your free evaluation of your roofing project please contact us at Roof Pro of Memphis at 901-465-5558

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