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Roofing Contractor Rossville TennesseeWondering precisely how wind damages your roof?  As a top roofing contractor Rossville Tennessee, Roof Pro LLC sees wind damage on a regular basis. Today, we’ll tell you how and why wind damage occurs and how you can limit your chances of roof damage during the next wind storm.

Wind can cause damage in a few different ways. Most often, the wind gets “under” the roofing tiles or shingles, causing them to lift and separate from the roof. In high winds, newer, flexible asphalt shingles tend to perform best because they’re flexible and they simply bend with the wind.

In older, brittle asphalt shingles and in the case of stiff roofing materials like slate, clay or wood, the shingles/roof tiles don’t bend; they snap or detach entirely, resulting in widespread damage.

Damaged, partially-detached roofing materials are most likely to separate, so this is why routine maintenance is important as it can limit damage.

Wind can also drive larger objects into the roof, in addition to bringing down trees and tree limbs, which can come crashing through your roof and into your home.

There’s not much that can be done to prevent this, aside from keeping the nearby trees trimmed back. Keeping your yard debris-free will also help limit damage from projectiles in the event of strong winds.

It’s also important to have a large tarp and a staple gun on-hand, so you can limit collateral damage from rain in the event your roof does suffer damage during a storm.

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