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Roofing Contractor Piperton TennesseeCould your roof be suffering damage due to the nearby trees? Trees can cause lots of problems for your roof and as a top roofing contractor Piperton Tennessee, Roof Pro LLC observes this type of roof damage very routinely.

But fortunately, there are ways to limit your chances of tree-related roof damage, even if you don’t want to cut down the trees that surround your home.

Obviously, cutting down the surrounding trees is the most effective way to limit damage from falling tree limbs, falling organic matter and animals that use the trees to jump onto your roof.

But some property owners may enjoy the trees that surround their home. So if you don’t want to cut down your trees, there are still some easy ways to limit your risk.

Firstly, cut back any dead branches or limbs, as these are at the highest risk of falling in a wind storm. If possible, cut back the largest limbs that are hanging over your roof, as these hold the potential to cause the most significant damage.

Also, inspect your roof regularly and clear away leaves, sticks and other organic debris. It can disrupt your roof’s natural drainage system and the organic matter can also clog gutters, causing additional water problems.

Overhanging trees can also promote the growth of algae and moss, which can cause your roofing materials to degrade. So get your roof cleaned on a regular basis if you live in a shady area and see lots of algae and moss growth.

If your home is at risk of damage from a falling tree limb, it’s good to keep a large tarp on-hand in the event that a limb does come down. This will enable you to limit the water damage as you wait for help to arrive.

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