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Roofing Contractor Memphis TNYou will need to hire a roofing contractor Memphis TN for a new roof, for reroofing, for repairs and maintenance. Unless you are a roofing specialist yourself, you will have to rely on the expertise, experience and services of a roofing contractor in Memphis TN. There are do it yourself solutions available today but they are not even remotely as good as the kind of roofs that a good roofing contractor can construct. While you should always have an objective of hiring the best roofing contractor in Memphis TN, here are the three types of contractors or firms that you should not deal with. Even if a company appears to offer you a great deal, if the company falls into any of these three categories then you should avoid hiring them.


You must never hire a roofing contractor in Memphis TN who is a subcontractor or a freelancer. There are roofers who work on contractual terms and they are not always working with the same company. You should not hire a subcontractor directly and you should not hire a roofing company that works with subcontractors or freelancers. You must hire a company that has roofing specialists on their payroll. When a company has subcontractors or you deal with a subcontractor, you are not going to be able to bestow accountability on anyone who will be responsible enough. You will not have any assurance of the quality of work done because unlike employees on a payroll, subcontractors are not bound by terms of employment and they are often not regularly trained. Freelancers or subcontractors may cost you less but eventually the decision will cost you more.

Agency/Franchise vs. Roofing Contractor Memphis TN

You must never hire a roofing contractor in Memphis TN that is an agency or a franchise. Such companies will not have much expertise of their own because their business is driven by the brand name. The brand or the larger company will be providing training but what you need is an expert at the job and not a team of trainees or who have been handheld on roofing projects.


You must always avoid hiring a roofing contractor in Memphis TN who is just an installer or assembler. You need people who know the ins and outs of construction. They must have direct contacts with dealers and should ideally be dealers of roofing materials themselves.

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