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Roofing Contractor Lakeland TennesseeAre you wondering how to spot evidence of roof damage? It’s hard to know if your roof needs repairs, but that’s where Roof Pro LLC, a top roofing contractor Lakeland Tennessee can help!

Spotting roof damage in a timely manner is essential as otherwise, you may end up with lots of collateral damage in the form of water damage, wood degradation and beyond.

The most common signs of damage is missing roofing tiles or shingles. You may find fragments of roofing material in your yard or property, especially after a strong wind storm.

If you can’t inspect your roof using a ladder, use binoculars. Look for bowed shingles, cracked roofing tiles, separations between the roofing material and flashing or other structures, like vents or the chimney.

In addition, keep an eye out for signs of water damage. Check the underside of your roof after a significant rain and look for other signs of moisture, like separated siding, mold and musty odors in your attic.

You’ll also want to check the area around your gutter downspout if you have an asphalt shingle roof. Over time, the shingles lose the grit surfacing, which can result in poor performance; these bits of grit will wash off in the rains, ending up in your gutters and in the area surrounding your gutter downspout.

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If you spot signs of roof damage, you’ll need to schedule repairs as soon as possible to limit the collateral damage. So contact the professional team at Tennessee’s best roofing contractor. Lakeland, Tennessee-based Roof Pro LLC is fully bonded, licensed and insured to provide you with complete peace of mind and confidence in our offerings.

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