Roof Pro Shield – A No Deductible, Non-Prorated and Fully Transferable Warranty for Your Home’s Roof!

Roof Pro LLC is proud to offer you three levels of Roof Shield protection. If you are purchasing or selling a home, or not quite sure of the overall quality or dependability of your existing roof system, our Roof Shield warranty is an unmatched value. Our team of professional inspectors will evaluate your roof, document and provide a detailed report of your roofing system, present a plan if applicable regarding any necessary repairs, and provide you the opportunity to warrant your roof against certain defects and leaks. We offer our Roof Shield warranty in three variable coverage periods to best meet your particular needs. In each case, our Roof Shield warranty is competitively priced, is non-prorated and comes without any deductible. We also offer warranty extensions for existing Roof Pro LLC customers. A reduced extended warranty rate will apply with re-certification.

This is our most popular warranty. Give your buyer peace of mind (for 1 year) that if it leaks, it is fixed at no cost. Our Shield Silver warranty is offered at $399.00

This warranty (at 3 years) is a great value: You still get three years of coverage, but at a lower cost. Because most leaks occur during the first two years of a roof ’s installation, this term is meant for a buyer who wants to “test the waters” of his roofing system. Our Shield Gold
warranty is offered at $499.00

This is our longest warranty (at 5 years) and is designed for an owner who values having time on his side or for a seller who wants to lure a buyer with a great incentive. Our Shield Platinum warranty is offered at $599.00

This Warranty covers only roofing systems. It does not cover interior damages or damages resulting from roofing defects. Should a Warranty claim arise, Roof Pro LLC, or an authorized affiliate shall be responsible for repair/replacement of the affected portions of your roofing system only, and shall do so in compliance with standards of the NRCA and local codes. This Warranty covers the following types of roofing systems: asphalt shingles, wood shakes, tile, slate, metal shingles, metal roofing, EPDM, TPO, PVC, Modified Rubber, APP torch down, and hot mop built up. Furthermore, Roof Pro LLC, warranties the following components of roofing systems: flashings (step, counter, drip edge, cap metal), field materials (shingles, tiles, single ply, or roll), valley liners, hip & ridge, starter shingles, HVAC flashings, water heater flashings, vent boot flashings (pipe jacks), skylights (from flashing, not seal of transparent covering [I.E. acrylic or glass]), electrical masts, and solar system mounting points. Roof Pro LLC, reserves the right to make repairs, modifications, or to pay the reasonable cost of repair for modification to the area of failure based on standard industry practices and will have full discretion over the type of repair or modification that is to be made to prevent a leak from occurring during the remainder of the warranty term. The term of this Warranty shall not commence until the buyer has paid in full all amounts owing. Warranty shall not be in effect until full inspection and any repairs deemed necessary by inspection have been satisfactorily completed, and Roof Pro LLC, has issued final certificate of warranty.

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