Who says roofing isn’t rocket science? At Roof Pro, LLC in Memphis, Tennessee we believe it just might be. We are bringing roofing in our region out of the dark ages (literally) with thermal imaging camera technology. Roof Pro, LLC is the only Memphis roofing contractor to use this technology. We find the cause of 100% of the leak service calls we estimate. This means a more accurate repair scope with lower pricing for our customers. This also allows us to offer one of the industries best roofing leak warranties. Thermal leak detection is a simple science – point a really expensive camera at a spot you think may contain moisture, right? Actually, yes it is that easy, but interpretation is the key. For example, locating a leak in the summer from inside a client’s home has a completely different look to the color range on the camera screen. In the summer with the air conditioner running, a dry area of sheet rock will usually be yellow and the studs or joists will display yellow-green, as you pan the camera and get to your suspect area, the display will show a darkening of the colors. An area of moisture will be predominately light to a dark blue shading. This is the given color scale for cooler temperatures. Okay, you have a blue spot in the middle of the ceiling, why is it blue? A thermal camera sees temperature.  The designers of this great technology assigned given temperatures a color range. Since wet or fluid areas usually give up their heat faster than dry solids, we can say with some certainty that our blue spot on the ceiling has a high moisture content. In the winter the scale is a little warmer and might not quite make it to the blues and may lie somewhere in the green range. The best part of using thermal camera technology is the customer reaction. They are usually blown away by the accuracy and the fact that you possess this technology and are using it at their home. Which roofing contractor would you hire?  Please don’t say the guy who guessed!! Our roof repairs are guaranteed for 3 years, and carry a money back guarantee.  Call (901) 465-5558 today for your free quote.

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