Why do I need proper attic ventilation?  A properly sized and installed attic ventilation system will allow for a continual flow of outside air through the attic, helping you attics insulation lower temperatures inside the home.

Ventilation is perhaps the most misunderstood area of roof construction.  I didn’t need ventilation before why do I need it now?  Building construction has changed.  Older homes were built “drafty “and ventilated themselves.  Heat and moisture used to escape through old windows, doors and even right through walls.  Modern construction codes have called for better materials and installation standards, in the form of insulation, vapor barriers, siding and windows, creating a very tight building envelope, causing proper ventilation to become a great concern.  The result is heat, moisture and condensation that used to escape through walls and windows to become built up under the roof.

Attics can exceed 165°F, and this heat directly radiates into your home.  Overheated attics mean overheated homes, costing homeowners thousands in cooling.  Excessive attic temperatures can cause structural damage to wood framing in the form of warping and cracking.  It can also cause premature failure of HVAC duct work and electrical components.

Roof and decking temperatures can exceed 170°F literally “cooking” your roof shingles, often dramatically reducing the life expectancy of your roof.  Most shingle manufactures require ventilation meet FHA 1/300 rule, simply stated your home requires 1 square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic floor space.

There are many options available for your unique roof ventilation requirements

  • Ridge ventilation
  • Power vents
  • Solar vents

As most roofing professionals do not car

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