While aesthetic appeal remains the top concern of most homeowners, this should not be the only factor they consider when deciding on roofing materials. Considerations like affordability and functionality should also be included in the picture. Having the right roofing material proves to be a worthy investment, as this not only protects you from the elements, but also increases your home’s resale value.

Roofing-MaterialsIf you ask reliable Memphis roofing experts, they are likely to tell you that not all roofs are compatible with a particular material. Slate and clay tiles, for example, are heavy and require reinforcements in the attic. Below is an excerpt from a ThisOldHouse.com article which explains why most Americans still prefer asphalt shingles over conventional materials:

The roofing material we all see the most of these days — the one that covers the roofs of a great majority of houses across America — is the standard three-tab asphalt shingle. One of the least-expensive roofing options, asphalt shingles are available in a dozen or so different colors both solid and blended. The shingle products being made today are usually guaranteed for 20, or in some cases 30 years, making them an excellent value. Value is the principal advantage of this roofing material, which explains its commonality.

Easy on your budget
In contrast with other materials on the market, asphalt shingles are very affordable. This is because a lot of manufacturers produce them in high volumes since the materials are inexpensive. By opting for them, you can also expect relatively low installation costs. Asphalt shingles can start at about $1 per square foot plus installation.

Worry-free installation
Asphalt shingles are easy to install, unlike other conventional materials that require special tools. Homeowners can even install asphalt shingles on their own, provided that they are skilled enough in do-it-yourself projects. These materials are also lightweight so there is no need for additional support in the attic.

Classic curb appeal
These shingles never go out of style, which is why a lot of homeowners favor them. Asphalt shingles perfectly match structures with either a contemporary or traditional design. Available in a wide array of colors—particularly shades of grey, green, brown and red—asphalt shingles also let homeowners freely experiment with shades that complement the color of their home and suit the surroundings and neighborhood. Furthermore, the shingles come in various patterns, allowing homeowners to further personalize the look of their residence.

As you evaluate the advantages of having an asphalt roof, you also have to be equally careful in selecting contractors. Take time to research on a company’s background and see if they have certifications. Only professional Memphis roofing contractors like Roof Pro can provide you a range of warranty choices for your new roof.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Choosing Roofing Materials, ThisOldHouse.com)

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