Some people apparently believe that the new year should be celebrated by replacing aging roofs with new ones. The 105-year old county courthouse in Giles County, Tennessee is an example, and the work is proving to be a challenge to the roofers hired for the job. According to a news report in the Columbia Daily Herald, the difficulty stems from the fragile condition and steepness of the roof. The roofers were also instructed to ensure that the new roof wouldn’t ruin the building’s historic aesthetics, as the courthouse is also a famous landmark of the place.


Maintaining the appeal while updating the function of historic buildings are part of the services that professional roofing contractors perform. These pros are equipped with the necessary knowhow and skills that make them experts in roofing maintenance and replacements, while preserving a building’s aesthetics.

Roof repairs are so important to a structure’s longevity that many Memphis roofing contractors, like Roof Pro LLC, offer free maintenance consultations to homeowners. Of course, these experts still encourage their customers to also be proactive in maintaining their roofs by conducting periodic inspections of their roofing systems.

A thorough inspection, however, is easier said than done because a proper assessment of the roof’s condition takes the properties of the roofing material into account. For example, asphalt shingles are prone to cracks and chips while metal roofs typically suffer from paint deterioration and rusting. While these types of physical damage are fairly easy to spot, they can also be indicators of faulty construction instead of normal wear and tear.

In another example, slate tiles are generally durable enough to withstand the harshest weather, and can last for about 50 years or more. However, if even a single tile gets damaged within 10 years or less of its service life (under normal circumstances), this can be seen as a sign of shoddy roof installation.

Homeowners who may doubt the outcome of their own inspections should call in the roofing experts who have the trained eye for such an evaluation. In particular, reputable Memphis, TN roofing contractors like Roof Pro LLC, who boast of certifications from the biggest roofing manufacturers in the country, have a crew who have received the right training on various roofing materials and construction, and can thus make the proper assessment and recommendations on a roof’s condition. Perhaps some homeowners should think about giving these pros a call, now that a new year has arrived.


(Article Information and Image from New roof for Giles courthouse, Columbia Daily Herald, January 04, 2014)

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