Memphis, Tennessee is an area that is prone to hailstorms and sees the occasional hurricane or tropical storm due to its temperate climate. Such weather phenomena can leave serious damage on commercial roofing that will need immediate repair. Otherwise, unknown punctures or folds can funnel rainwater into the structures, causing more costly damages.


Carefully inspecting commercial roofing for all forms of damage caused by either wind or hail will help determine the roof’s condition, and any necessary repair work. Kenneth R. Gilvary’s article for identifies areas to inspect and signs to keep an eye on when evaluating the roof after a storm.

“Roofing systems installed over softer substrates are more susceptible to hail than those installed over stiffer substrates, which provide additional resistance to hail. Further, areas of ponded water can accelerate the deterioration of roofing membranes and make these areas more susceptible to impact.”

Commercial roof inspection or evaluation is ideally done twice a year. However, the occurrence of hailstorms and hurricanes can necessitate additional inspections to facilitate insurance claims and to determine the need for repairs. To aid the evaluation, the inspector must know what the roofing is made of and how it is expected to stand up against a storm. This knowledge will guide the inspector in assessing the building’s condition and the real cause of any damage:

“If roofing failure has occurred at wind speeds less than expected, examine and document the roof system attachment within those areas. Often premature failure occurs due to inadequate fasteners, inadequate adhesion, or some combination of the two.”

Depending on the degree of damage, the building owner or manager can choose to have the roof repaired or replaced. Either option can be costly yet is an investment that has to be done to secure the safety of the building. The services of reputable Memphis roofing contractors, like Roof Pro LLC, will be needed to ensure that the roofing gets the most appropriate and adequate repair, before any damage deteriorates further.

Preventive maintenance is also ideal to preserve a roof’s lifespan. A seasoned commercial roofing contractor from Memphis can help identify if, indeed, the damage and its severity are caused solely by the storm, or are aggravated by a defective installation. The findings of the professionals can help building owners and managers make an informed decision about conducting more intensive roofing repairs or having a new one installed.

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