You should never ignore the needs of your roof, as it never stops protecting your home from being damaged by the weather. This means that you should get to know how your roof works and how it will fare against the elements. Here is some basic information about one such roofing material that you might want installed by Memphis roofing contractors, which is slate.

Slate-RoofingSlate Roofing

Slate is a metamorphic rock made up of various minerals and substances exposed to high levels of pressure over an extended period of time. One thing of note about this material is that its quality and color is directly influenced by the varying conditions that it has been exposed to, depending on where it was mined.

Aesthetic Considerations

An article by tells of the many choices you can have when it comes to slate roof color and design:

Slate color varies depending on the region, but the most common colors are black, gray, red and blue. Other colors include purple and green.

It is also quite natural in appearance, so when it’s placed in urban houses surrounded by trees, matched with home exterior materials with essentially similar properties, your roof will blend in with its surroundings..


Slate roofing is an extremely durable and long-lasting material; it has survived millions of years being molded by the Earth, and it can survive 75 years to a century of service on your roof. It is also extremely fireproof, making it an ideal material for homes in fire-prone areas (such as buildings that are very near each other).


You should clean your slate roof at least every six months to keep it from gathering dirt and debris, which can be bad for your gutters. Moreover, if you notice that there seems to be a lot of cracks or broken bits of slate lying around on your roof, you should call in a professional for help, or risk water damage due to leaks.

A dependable residential or commercial roofing contractor in Memphis like Roof Pro, LLC, has services to help you repair and maintain your slate roof. As homeowner you have the responsibility of making sure that your roof is in top condition.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Home Guide to Slate Roofing,

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