Janice Broach reported last July 18 on eastmemphis.wmctv.com about the roof collapse in Bargain Hunt that was caused by heavy rain, which resulted in the shopping center being temporarily closed. This type of problem is unwanted, and can be prevented with help from Memphis roofing contractors like Roof Pro.

Heavy-RainAccording to an interview in the article, “We were inside working, the next thing we know somebody from next door came in said the roof had collapsed on the building next door,” said Northern Tool assistant manager Jim Mullis. “A few minutes later the fire department told us we needed to get out for safety reasons gas leak things like that could happen.”

An employee said that the collapse happened in a corner, but luckily, there were no customers near the area of the collapse. Due to the collapse, a lot of water entered the shopping center, however, the root of the collapse is still not yet identified.

December is fast approaching, meaning, it will be rainier and cooler, hence, your roof will need to do extra work due to the weight that will be added on it. Once you’ve noticed that your roof has popping or groaning noises, cracks are suddenly appearing on your walls, or there are leaks in your home, then call a roofing contractor immediately. Not responding to these issues right away, will not only leave damages on your home’s structure, but you are also endangering the life of your family.

More often, roof collapses are not results of structure failure, but instead, are caused by poor installation and maintenance of the roofing system. Usually, ponding water is caused by some portions of the roof that is not properly working anymore, and according to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), ponding water can be harmful to the roofing membrane and could even lead to deterioration. To reassure that your roof is still properly doing it’s job, according to manufacturers, there should be no ponding water on your roof at least 48 hours after a rain has occurred.

When you feel like that your roofing in Memphis, TN is not doing its job anymore, call a roofing contractor right away to prevent major damages on your home. More than often, the smartest thing to do is knowing what you should actually do once disaster strikes.

(From: eastmemphis.wmctv.com, Heavy rain causes store roof to collapse, July18, 2013)

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