homeowners-looking-for-quality-memphis-roofers-should-be-wary-of-scams-300x165Earlier this year, Insurance Fraud News reported on measures some lawmakers have taken for the benefit of homeowners commencing home improvement projects:

Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, is sponsoring one measure aimed at protecting homeowners from dishonest roofers and roofing companies through state licensing of those businesses. A backup proposal by Carona calls for registration and oversight of roofers by the Texas Department of Insurance.

“I’m generally not in favor of a large amount of licensing of any of the occupations, but where roofing is concerned there is such a long history of abuse of consumers, particularly during periods after storms or natural disasters,” he said.

“Texas needs to put some safeguards in place to ensure that the people who provide new roofs are financially sound, meet the appropriate building codes and honor their warranties.”

Some in the roofing industry, especially smaller outfits, have complained that the proposals might prevent contractors from starting their businesses and increase costs to consumers. Others have praised legislators for trying to help to weed out abusers who’ve preyed on homeowners.

Regulations are severely lacking in the roofing industry, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid scams where so-called roofers abandon projects midway or slap on additional costs on the fly, costing thousands of dollars in empty promises. If you are looking for quality, you must be careful and train a watchful eye on how your contractor goes about his business.

Many roofing scams target people who were victims of storms and overcharge them while they are desperate or have no idea that the damage isn’t really that bad. In order for Memphis area residents to avoid falling into this trap, they must seek roofers like Roof Pro, LLC that have a long history of quality service. Among the many advertised Memphis roofers, you should look for the ones offering the best deal. You can tell if it’s promising to work with a company if they offer money back guarantees and if they use the most advanced technology.

Currently, many customers of roofers in Memphis are reeling from the effects of climate change. At the moment, the city is projected to experience nearly twice the number of tornadoes per year than the U.S. average. This increases the local need for quality roofers, as a home’s roof is the most important line of defense against the weather. Don’t sacrifice quality when your family’s safety and your savings are at stake.

(Excerpt from Texas bills target roofing scams after hail horror stories, Insurancefraud.org, 3 March 2013)


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