One issue you may experience with your roof shingles over time is that there is a possibility that the corners of the shingles will curl. This may mean that the roof is already old and needs to be replaced. However, this may not be the only reason that your shingles are curling. An article in gave the possible causes of curling shingles, and suggested that once these are noticed, call trusted Memphis roofers like Roof Pro right away.

Roofing-ContractorOne of the most common causes of curling shingles is old age. As the roof gets older, the nails that hold the shingles will loosen and allow them to buckle or curl. If this occurs on just one or two shingles, then a repair job can be done, but if the damage is on the whole roof, then roofers in Memphis should be hired to replace your roof.

According to the article, homeowners should also focus on their attic when they want a roof that will properly do its job for a long time. The article said, “…the attic has more to do with your shingles than you probably realize.” so if your attic is not properly vented or doesn’t have a vent at all, then the home becomes more susceptible to damage. Without vents installed, hot air will enter the attic and rise, and during colder months, the warm air will make snow and ice on the roof melt, which will then run down and seep under the shingles.

Since Memphis has a humid subtropical climate, the heat can also be a problem to shingles. Hot temperature can bubble the asphalt around the protective granules. The sun may also attack the shingles, which will make the granules loose and age prematurely.

However, for some homeowners who have shingles that are new, then they might not be installed properly. The article suggests, “Ask the new company how many nails they use to nail down each shingle. Some companies try to cut costs by using three nails, rather than the recommended four. Also ask them what kind of training they’ve had from their material suppliers.”

The shingles on your roof have visible granules on its top to help in protecting the asphalt from UV rays. However, when they become damaged, the corners will start to curl, which can lead to serious leaking problems.

(From:, A roofing contractor explains what causes curling shingles)

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