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GAF Roofing Company Millington TNIt is well-known that GAF is one of the most popular, recognized and possibly the most trusted brand in North America. With market shares exponentially greater than the nearest competitors, both in the United States and Canada, there is no doubt that you can safely opt for GAF roofs and be assured of having made a wise investment. But there is a perception that it is mostly homeowners who must consider hiring a GAF roofing company in Millington TN. That perception needs to be debunked.

Why Commercial Property Owners Should Hire A GAF Roofing Company Millington TN

It is true that hiring a GAF roofing company for Millington TN homes is an obvious choice. After all, the company did make its presence felt with shingles and has been a market leader in that segment for over a century now. But if you think of it, shingles were the most common choice a hundred or even twenty years back. The widespread industrialization that followed and newer concepts of roofing emerged much later. With time, GAF has also expanded its offerings and today, you should hire a GAF roofing company in Millington TN regardless of the type of property you own.

  • Let us talk about commercial roofing requirements. You may want a built-up roof. For that purpose, GAF has GAFGLAS® Membranes, Fire Barriers, Metalastic®, M-Weld®, & Lexsuco® Accessories and a whole range of support in the form of CAD drawings as well as GAF Application and Specifications Manual.
  • If you want Modified Bitumen Roofing then GAF has RUBEROID® APP Membranes, RUBEROID® SBS Membranes, Self-Adhered Membranes, Underlayments & Anchor Sheets, Tri-Ply APP, SBS & BUR Membranes and the whole technical support.
  • If you want single ply roofing for your flat roof then GAF has EverGuard® TPO, Self-Adhered TPO, EverGuard® PVC and Fire Barriers.
  • Then there are Liquid Applied Roofing options in the form of TOPCOAT® and FireOut™; Specialty Roofing options in the form of GardenScapes™ and Garden Roofing, PlazaDeck Systems and Solar Roofing; Roof Insulation & Fastening Systems in the form of EnergyGuard™ Insulation, Drill-Tec™ Fasteners, RhinoBond®, OlyBond 500™ and SpotShot and a whole range of Roof Cements, Coatings & Adhesives.

Compare the options or the entire inventory of materials or roofing products of GAF with any other company or manufacturer and you would know why you must hire a GAF roofing company in Millington TN no matter what type of roof you need.

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