Knock, Knock…… Not a joke in this blog. A knock at your door following a severe storm event is a certainty these days. “I noticed you have damage on your roof from the storm” the sales man says. Now this is an honest approach to making a sale, you have a problem, they have a solution. But there are two roads for the sale to go from here. The road less traveled these days, with honesty and upfront information to close a sale, or the ever popular misdirection and deception approach. For the purpose of this blog we will focus on things to be aware of in the dishonest approach. After the salesman’s opening comments comes the turn, “Would you like a FREE roof?” Heck yea sign me up for that!!!……..Wait there is only one problem in that statement it is illegal. Yes illegal, it is federal insurance fraud. That free roof just became not so free, why? Simply put you are required to pay your insurance deductible. A company that offers to pay this for you is fraudulent, and wants you to commit a crime so they can make a high risk profit. What you want to do is say thanks, but no thanks and report them to the local BBB, secretary of insurance or board for licensing contractors. Then wait for a real roofing contractor to knock or call a professional roofer from your local resources. Here are a few things that will help qualify your roofing contractor. Ask for insurance certificates workers compensation and general liability, Contractors license number, references and don’t forget to check them out on your local Better Business Bureau. Never pay till work has started or final payment until work is substantially completed. Think on your feet, be smart and good luck. Or if you suspect you have sustained damages from a storm or just have a leak, just call us. Roof Pro, LLC (901)-465-5558

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