Memphis, Tennessee gets, on average about twice as much rain than that of the national average, and this can turn into a serious matter for residents. A small problem can quickly worsen when too much rainfall occurs in a short amount of time and can take its toll on roofing systems, eventually causing damage that need costly repair.

Leaks are among the most common issues homeowners encounter during rainy or stormy weather in this city. When rainwater starts trickling through your roof, you’re left with no other alternative but to call on the services of reputable Memphis roofing companies like RoofPro LLC. Leaks are often an indication of insufficient maintenance, as they can be avoided if the early signs of damages were detected and fixed before they could deteriorate.


An article for discusses some of the common causes of roof leaks.

“Cupping asphalt shingles and curling asphalt shingles might be normal wear indicators on an asphalt shingle roof, while a different shingle curling pattern, fishmouthing asphalt shingles, may indicate poor under-roof ventilation and/or high in-building moisture levels or both.”

Aging roofs are, of course, more vulnerable to damages, so it will pay for homeowners to be aware of their roofs’ age and use it as guide for the frequency and intensity of their roofing maintenance activities. Some damages, however, may happen in an instant, specifically if the roof is subjected to destructive weather elements, such as hail. As the article says:

“Hail damaged shingles – scouring of mineral-granule protected roof surfaces such as asphalt shingles removes the protective granules and can lead to reduced roof shingle life.”

In cases of hail damage and the like, there is a good chance that the services of Memphis, TN roof repair experts can still fix your roof. However, this will depend on the extent of the damage, as well as other factors, including the age of your roof. Professional roofing companies, such as RoofPro LLC, can conduct a thorough inspection of your roofing system to assess its condition and give appropriate recommendations, including a possible roofing replacement.

Having a leak-free roof is imperative to keeping your home safe from the elements and the effects of moisture buildup. It is therefore important to work with a trusted roofing company for the regular maintenance of your roof.

(Article Information and Image from Roof Leaks: Diagnosis & Repair Guide,

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